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Unlike the Roomba vacuum cleaner, which goes randomly around a room, the Neato robot travels in straight line patterns partially overlapped, with the help of a laser range finder that scans around in a full 360° circle, In case the robot is used in a floorplan larger than it can cover with one battery charge, the robot is able to continue cleaning from where it left off the previous session, after recharging its batteries.In March 2014, Neato Robotics released an expanded model dubbed Bot Vac developed over several years, with a side brush previously available only on the limited distribution Vorwerk Kobold models in Germany (see below).Helpful Information: To access software, manuals and other content please use the tabs above.*NOTE: To use the USB Flash Drive version of the firmware you must extract all files from zip archive onto your FAT/FAT32 formatted USB stick before inserting into your logger, otherwise the firmware upgrade will not commence.Their product, the Neato XV-series (and as of 2014 the expanded Bot Vac series) robotic vacuum cleaner, began selling in 2010 for US9.00.The company has around 65 employees, and raised over million in funding over several rounds.The Android Tablet or i Pad apps versions links can be found below NOTE: Remove the d EX desktop BETA version from your PC before installing!!!

If there are any phones still without a green icon, or phones that indicate firmware prior to, or 1.3 for the D80, those phones must be Factory Reset and Reconfigured.

They also feature a combo brush to work on multiple surfaces like wooden floors and carpets with best results.

The Botvac 80 and D80 are broadly similar in their smart features with a similar screen to set up the cleaning runs, similar laser technology and smart programming to efficiently guide the unit around the rooms with a minimum of wasted time or power.

To access d EX via a USB connection make sure you install the Dt USB driver first.

d EX also comes in a desktop version that allows you manage multiple loggers and edit configurations offline.

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