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Please note that orders that have not been paid for (such as on-hold orders via the “cheque” gateway) will not automatically be completed, as access to downloads shouldn’t be granted and shipments shouldn’t occur until payment is received.

Here are some payment methods that Order Status Control will not auto-complete orders for: General and scroll down to the “Orders to Auto-Complete” setting.

Advanced configuration of the add to cart form This action will allow us to do much more then just disable the add to cart.

If you already have an item on Backorder and ADD the same item to your cart it will cancel the Backorder and let you add it to your cart. This will not happen if a Paypal invoice has already been sent out.

If you are interested in trying it out I would recommend the following: This version is a complete rewrite of the code in version one and is more flexible, has more features and is the one to use for new sites.

The module uses rules for implementation of the stock checking and allows for more flexibility, it also uses an API submodules architecture allowing the extension of the functionality.

There are several ways of controlling inventory within your console.

One way is to configure settings on a storewide basis.

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Enabled product types will have a stock field added to them; this field will hold the current stock count.

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