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I'm trying to pull all photos from a directory structure with the following rules The EXIF information will put the file in the year folder, and month folder.Within that folder I want to name the file using the files current parent folder plus the EXIF hour,minute,second and add number if duplicate.You can't do this with the simple date/time formatting unless it can be accomplished with %d as you have tried.But in this case, %d doesn't give you enough flexibility to extract a variable-length directory name from the path.• He may have a hard time leaving childcare, though.This can be confusing if the child was • Adults are consistent when they respond to the child’s needs.The aim of the directory is to provide an ‘easy to access’ directory of services, support groups and social activities for families living, working, and visiting Wellington Shire.

To provide feedback, inform us of any changes or to include a service, please contact Wellington Best Start Facilitator: Download a free copy of the Wellington Shire Early Years Parent Directory 2nd Edition 2016 here and save it to your Computer Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone.Instead, I will do this using the advanced formatting feature: Note that you can't use All Dates here, so you must duplicate the filename assignment using other date/time tags (in reverse order of precedence) if you want to have fallback date/time tags. To compensate for the inability to use All Dates do I use the filename assignments all in one exiftool command or do I need to do separate statements?Here is an breakdown of what I am writing to File Name: Awesome. Phil, You've been a wonderful help thus far so I HAD to donate.The file's size and last modified/read times are also available.QFile Info can also be used to obtain information about a Qt resource.

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