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NCSY ISSUES A CALL FOR SEXUAL ABSTINENCE AMONG JEWISH TEENS — Deeply disturbed by an environment in which teenagers, including Jewish teens, are increasingly engaged in sexual experimentation, NCSY, the youth program of the Orthodox Union, today announced negiah.org, an abstinence program to convince teenagers that sexual activity before marriage should be avoided in the interests of their physical, emotional and religious well-being.

The website-based program, to be found at org/abstinence, uses graphic and frank language to convey the risks faced by young men and women engaging in sexual experimentation.

I thought this to be lunacy and never gave much thought to being shomer negia or premarital sex and so on- of course it didn’t matter because my pool of sexual activity never really went above hugs during my yeshiva high school years.

Coming up is the 4 year anniversary of the last time I was active in the field so to speak, and I have been thinking off shomer negia.

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I want to start awkward conversations with Jews who are looking for an outlet to speak. Shomer negiah literally means “guarding one’s touch.” It refers to the practice of refraining from physical contact with members of the opposite sex outside of marriage.

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“Some of these may pass; others can even affect your marriage years later.” These dangers include: stress; guilt; a loss of self-respect; a sense of betrayal; anger; depression; stunting of personal growth, and regret.

Noted Authorities Approve Program: In explaining his approval of the program and of the terminology it employs, OU Executive Vice President Rabbi Dr.

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