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The R43 road which passes Avian Park in Worcester was closed yesterday afternoon following a gang shootout between two gang groupings from Avian Park. At the same time, three houses have been set alight amid gang warfare in Worcester, luckily no-one was wounded .

The police's Julian Plaatjies said: “The houses are either property of some of the gang members or the gang members themselves.

For as long as I can remember many families, and friends across the country have gathered in Spur restaurant on a Monday night to feast on “the burger special”.

The 2 for the price of 1 special has been running for what seems like ages – but alas it will draw to a close at the end of the month.

- Anthony Temple, Astraea We welcome your comments! "Please send me any links you can think of about..." "Any link you could reference please feel free to send me..." "PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I MIGHT FIND SPECIFIC INFORMATION- REFER ANY LINK OR BOOK" We will do your multiple personality research for you, for an hour.

Bookstore Glossary Sybil Our Articles Your Articles Your Pages Contacts Meta Controversy Legal Stories Multiple Code Contact Us Politics Religion Anti-Psych Anti-FMSF Abuse Survivors Info It is a sort of prejudice, to assume that the body should be allotted only one mind, one soul, and that the presence of more than one indicates something wrong. Each of these is written from a very personal perspective and should not be taken as representative of typical multiple experience, although the Troops were the first group to provide examples of such common experiences as co-running and co-presence.

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Multiple personality is not always the result of child abuse, and many people are naturally multiple. Whether or not they have a background of abuse, multiples can and do live fully responsible, functional, productive lives without needing to integrate or even be in therapy. "Are there any actual good books you can recommend?

We carry this information only because so many people have written to us asking for it.

You can also read Nellie Parsons Bean's My Life as a Dissociated Personality (full text online), written in 1908.

-- or just found out independently that there are people sharing your body? Here is some common-sense advice To bring to the public the following facts: 1. Are there any books written by actual multiples themselves? Books by multiples include When Rabbit Howls by The Troops for Truddi Chase, Chris Costner-Sizemore's I'm Eve and A Mind Of My Own, and Cameron West's First Person Plural.

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