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With over 1,000 references, Darwin Then and Now is a historical chronicle of the rise and fall of the once popular theory of biological evolution.

Click On Rotating Banner And Listen To Scripture On Creation Podcasts The Bible is not intended by God to be a science textbook, but everything it does say about the material world is accurate.

It is nearly fifty years now since Willard Libby's concept of Radiocarbon Dating spread like wildfire and captured the imagination of every archaeologist and Quaternary geologist world-wide.

It was the 'brave new world', 'the new frontier', and every other clich Zˇ one can think of - so if one word could be used to describe it, it would be 'excitement'.

In many ways the era was analogous to today's computer explosion where fortune favours the young and the brave.

One may detect the deliberate use of the word 'build', and not 'operate' for, as we shall see, few had discovered the magic formula for making it work.

With the proper perspective, we will discover that biblical statements present no necessary contradictions to anything scientists have been able to demonstrate. How do you explain the results of radiometric dating which say the earth is billions of years old, and the Bible's account of creation? The age of the earth as presented in the Biblical account of creation, and the age of the earth as calculated using radiometric dating are vastly different (thousands of years compared to billions of years).

Although the time at which any individual atom will decay cannot be forecast, the time in which any given percentage of a sample will decay can be calculated to varying degrees of accuracy.Woodmorappe (1979), with his collection of some 350 bad radiometric dates, must surely be the master of that technique.Upon being presented with claims that radiometric dating is totally erroneous, a question naturally arises: If radiometric geochronology is half as bad as Woodmorappe's list suggests, then how in the world did geologists ever arrive at a tight consensus for the official dates?Those assumptions are: 1) the starting amount of the decaying radioactive material being measured, is known, and 2) the rate of decay of the radioactive material being measured is an absolute constant, and nothing can alter that rate. What assumptions did you have to use in order for your measurements and calculations to be interpreted correctly?An easy illustration to show why these assumptions are critical for radiometric dating is an ice cube. At an unknown time some ice was put into a room; you are asked to determine when the ice was put in the room. You weigh the ice, it weighs 1/2 lb.; and you measure the water, there are 8 ozs. They were that you knew the starting amount of ice and that you knew the rate the ice melted.

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