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Every man notices a woman's looks first, but a beautiful mind and great conversation is what intrigues me." Team: Chicago Bears, #22 Position: Running back Age: 25 Height: 6'2" Weight: 220 lbs.Cosmo: What is something a woman can do on a first date that would guarantee a second one?Jordan and Matt met about a year ago in Bloomington after living across the street from each other.

The air outside is crisp and cool winds tease at the fibers of cardigans, Kenan stadium transforms into constellations of white and blue as paint-stained bodies pack the bleachers. There is something enthralling about football games, an immeasurable feeling that palpitates through the bleachers, a sort of magnetic air that rivets the crowd and connects us all from the moment of kick-off.

They shared similar interests and life views, and bonded over their mutual appreciation of ice cream and football.

It was so unexpected and that was why it was so awesome, Jordan said.

Movies like Remember the Titans and Friday Night Lights have long highlighted the romantic entanglements of their athletic protagonists.

The consequent inundation of this image in contemporary cinema has made the dream of dating a college football player seem feasible. However, what the movies fail to expose are the inherent obstacles that accompany dating a college athlete.

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