Dating age laws in new york dating gibson pickups

An Overview of State Legal Age Laws States differentiate between adults and minors with respect to legal capacity.

This means that the law cannot assign legal responsibility to an individual who lacks the mental capacity or maturity to fully understand the consequences of their actions.

We've been friends since elemntary school and we started dating when I was in ninth grade, now I'm a junior he's a senior.

We've never had sex before, but we've talked about it alot and we're started to be ready.

An opinion as well as the law could be construed as information.

I'm in NY and I was wondering what the age of consent for sex was.

My boyfriend just turned 18 afew days ago, and I'm 16.

We're only a grade apart, I was pushed up so it's not really that big a deal since we're not too far apart.

This means that anyone who engages in sexual activity with someone under the age of consent in New York is liable for prosecution, including people only a few years older then their sexual partner and even two individuals who are both under the age of consent.

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New York I've read some other threads some people seem rather knowledgeable in this area. So yes, my girlfriend and I have had sex, but since her mother isn't too fond of me suddenly, we're going to call it quits for now.

And as far as my search on my own for answers to my situation, has been no success. I'm 18 year old Freshman in College, dating a 16 year old Senior in High School. What can you give me on laws that apply to my dating situation? Thanks for any information, Tyler**A: the OP said thanks for any information.

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