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“Some people didn’t want him at their children’s parties because he is not the same as other children. She and Daniel’s father Barry, 66, a support worker, who have been married for 33 years, had largely given up hope that their son might find love, happiness and a relationship as strong as theirs, something he had told them was his dream. His first song – entitled The Black of Lonely – described the melancholy of being alone.

For a mother, the lyrics cannot have been easy listening.

“He insisted on wearing dark sunglasses everywhere.

He wouldn’t go into the school assembly if there was a play on and if he walked into a room with people in, even if he knew them, he would have his eyes closed for the first half hour, even behind the sunglasses.” On the autistic spectrum, he has struggled with speech and comprehending others for most of his life.

You can certainly try straight hair or an updo if it fits better into your swoon-worthy look.

The main thing is to coordinate your hairstyle with your outfit and style your hair accordingly. Natural and minimal, tender and romantic, or intriguing and mysterious? A little braid amid of naturally looking wavy hair looks perfectly effortless and charming.

“It’s as though someone is inside his head and they have a long strip of paper with all the sentences on and they’re cutting each word up and throwing it out in the wrong order,” says Carol, 57.

His parents battled to get him coveted spots at specialist speech and language schools and avoid the likelihood of bullying, but they couldn’t shield him completely.

Here, two of the women also shared their hair transformation diaries: Day 1: Woke up with my curly hair this morning looking like a mess, but that’s normal. It’s been almost a year since the last time I straightened it. The takeaway: We shouldn't change how we look to please anyone but ourselves.

Trying on a new hairstyle feels like starting dating someone.

You can like it or not in theory, but your feelings eventually decide everything. Maybe you’ll be looking for an excuse to run home ASAP to let your hair down.

I had to get up extra early today because I remembered my hair is not curly. " — which translates to "mop of hair" or "bird's nest.

So, I decided to just let it go and enjoy the experience. She was persistent, asking in Spanish, "Y esa greña?

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